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Mowing and Leaf Removal For Your Lawn

Lincoln, NE Yard Cleanup Services

Lawn Cleanup: & Leaf Removal

Stop spending your weekends pushing a mower around. We offer lawn care packages that include mowing and leaf removal. Our Lincoln Nebraska lawn service will keep your grass at the perfect height and our leaf removal service will save you hours of raking. We’re local landscapers that are here for all your mowing service, leaf removal, and seasonal cleanup needs.

Heroes Lawn Care of Lincoln Nebraska specializes in mowing and lawn care for residential and commercial properties. 

Our lawn care service consists of:

  • Line trimming around fence lines, trees, and flower beds
  • Edging around all sidewalks and curbs to provide a sharp border
  • Blowing off any debris and grass clippings on all hard surfaces
  • Picking up any unwanted debris or trash
  • We strongly suggest mulching grass clippings into your lawn instead of bagging.
  • Weekly mulching of grass clippings provides your lawn with valuable nutrients between fertilization programs.

We regularly maintain our equipment and sharpen blades to provide the finest cut possible to each lawn, ensuring healthy grass blades and an ideal appearance. We are equipped with various sizes and types of machinery to provide for the specific needs of each property.

Leaf Cleanup & Removal

Remaining leaves can restrict sunlight, water, and nutrients that will make the lawn suffer from disease and insects, and just make it hard to survive. Not only we will remove your leaves, but we will also haul them away!

Heroes offer three leaf removal plans:

  1. Plan 1: Add on bagging service to weekly mowing for the month of October
  2. Plan 2: Winter Cleanup – Done in November through December 
  3. Plan 3: Spring Cleanup – Mid-February thru mid-April
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