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Fertilizer Force Limited Time Offer - 15% off Fertilization & Weed Control
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    • How many fertilization sessions come in a package?

      We offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages customized to your lawn’s needs.

      Our Heroes Fertilizer Force packages are unique to your lawn dependent on your grass and soil and can include applications of fertilization, weed control, insect and fungus control, and specialized treatment to deliver key nutrients to your lawn and improve its overall health and appeal.

      Contact us today to find out more about our Fertilizer Force Packages and allow us to create a custom plan for your lawn.

    • How much water can a Smart System Controller save me?

      Rachio Smart System users tend to save 30-50% on their monthly water bills.

    • I have children and pets, is the fertilizer application harmful to them?

      No! We only suggest that after fertilizer is applied to your lawn, you wait 4 hours before allowing children and pets to walk or play on the grass to ensure the fertilizer has settled into the soil.

    • How often does the Doody Duty crew visit my property to clean up after my dogs?

      Our Team can do bi-weekly, weekly, or 2 visits a week to ensure that you and your family have a clean and healthy place to enjoy when you need it!