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Pet Waste Removal For your Lawn

Doody Duty

Pooper Scooper Services for a Clean Lawn

Land mines, dog bombs, poop – whatever you call it, we know it's not pleasant. Cleaning up after your pets is an unpleasant but necessary task, but as we all know, it can be hard to find the time. But that's why Heroes Lawn Care is here with Doody Duty, your team for pet waste removal and dog poop pickup services.

What Are Pooper Scooper Services?

The Doody Duty services at Heroes Lawn Care encompass comprehensive solutions for pet waste management. We offer timely and efficient pet waste removal, ensuring your outdoor spaces stay clean and odor-free. Utilizing top-of-the-line tools and a preventative approach, our professional crew members aim to maintain your lawns impeccably while preventing brown spots and odors before they become a problem.

When Does Service Need to Be Done?

The frequency of pet waste removal services largely depends on several factors, such as the number of pets you have, plus their size and diet. For instance, larger dogs or multiple pets might necessitate more frequent dog poop pickup service. Generally, it's best to schedule pet waste removal at least once a week, but we can work with you to determine the best frequency for your specific needs. We also offer one-time cleanups for special occasions or emergencies!

Feedback from The Field

What Are the Benefits of Dog Poop Pickup Services?

While some might see pet waste removal as a luxury, there are many reasons why it's actually a necessity. Here are just a few benefits you'll experience with our Doody Duty service at Heroes Lawn Care:

  • Convenience and Time Saving: Scooping dog poop can be tiring, especially with a large yard or multiple dogs. Hiring a professional frees up your weekend for more time with your pup!
  • A Cleaner and Healthier Yard: Dog waste can contain harmful bacteria and parasites, posing a risk to humans and pets. Professional poop scooping services ensure a clean and safe yard.
  • Environmental Protection: Uncollected dog waste pollutes and spreads bacteria. Regular pickup keeps everyone around you safe!

Aside from these, having someone pick up your dog poop will reduce the chances of you, your children, or guests stepping on it – no more stinky shoes or messes!

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