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Irrigation Services For Your Lawn

Irrigation Army: Irrigation
System Installation, Upgrades,
& Maintenance

Heroes offer comprehensive lawn irrigation system services including new system installation, upgrading older sprinkler systems, and preventative maintenance plans.

Whether you need a brand-new sprinkler system or intend to replace your old irrigation system, Heroes can design an affordable lawn sprinkler system to meet your needs. Because we don’t just install one manufacturer’s brand, we can custom design a system that meets your lawn’s needs as well as your budget.

Benefits of Residential or Commercial Irrigation Systems

  • Saves Your Time: A benefit of an irrigation system is saving you precious time watering your lawn, which can be a long process. Our innovative technology works in the background knowing when water is needed.
    Preserves Water: Automatic watering systems can save water as our smart technology allows the customer to set it so that it doesn’t water during certain climate changes such as rain and high winds.
  • Keeps money in your pocket: Irrigation systems can help save money because it knows exactly what your lawn needs and won’t use more than required.
  • Added Value And Curb Appeal: An irrigation system can add to your home’s value and can be a big selling point for your residence.
  • Reduces Weeds, Fungi, And Plant Diseases: A well-designed irrigation system is essential for a healthy garden. Not only does it target the areas that need regular watering, but drip irrigation systems can also prevent plant diseases caused by too little or too much water. Furthermore, this type of system reduces weed growth in your lawn and gives an extra boost to specially chosen plants - creating lush greenery with minimal effort!
  • Preserves Valuable Soil Nutrients: Irrigation systems can be a powerful tool for preserving valuable soil nutrients, as they prevent excessive water from washing away the vital elements your lawn needs to thrive. So keep this in mind when considering investing in an irrigation system.
  • Improve aesthetics: Having a lush and vibrant yard is not only eye-catching but also serves an important purpose for the life around us. With proper irrigation, you can have both - beautiful landscaping that helps sustain our planet! An added bonus? Your home’s value increases from this eco-friendly upgrade to your environment.
Feedback from The Field

Call On Heroes to Design & Install Your Underground Sprinkler System

  1. Upon arrival our estimator will discuss your expectations and requests for your new lawn sprinkler design as well as educate you as to the type of sprinkler heads available, various spray patterns for different zones and more.
  2. We’ll measure out your property to figure out the quantity of zones necessary and take note of any flower beds, shrubbery and trees that my require drip irrigation as well at taking notes for micro drip irrigation for potted plants.
  3. We’ll then provide a written quote within 24 hours.
  4. After your approval of the estimate, we’ll schedule a date and time for installing the sprinkler system.

Omaha Nebraska Sprinkler Installation

For over 7 years Heroes Lawn & Landscape has been providing quality landscaping and holiday lighting services in the metro Omaha Nebraska area. The addition of our sprinkler services holds to the same high standards, values, and customer service.

We serve a large area including Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Ralston, La Vista, Papillion, Bellevue, and surrounding areas and we are proud to be a locally owned business sharing company with some of the greatest businesses in the country.

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