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Irrigation Services For Your Lawn

Heroes Irrigation Army Serving Austin Texas

Heroes Bring Stealth Smart Irrigation IQ to Austin Texas

With Heroes Stealth Smart Irrigation, you can take all the hard work and time out of ensuring your lawn receives the right amount of water. With the simple touch of a phone application, our Stealth Smart Irrigation technology allows you to control when your lawn gets watered — saving money, preserving water, and improving the environment around your Austin Texas home or business.

Stealth Smart Irrigation is equipped with a Smart Sensor Controller that regulates your sprinklers’ water pressure through a valve sensor. By allowing Austin Texas homeowners to set thresholds based on weather conditions combined with the Smart Rain Sensor, you won’t find yourself overwatering your lawn, wasting water, or running up water bills. For example, you may set your dials to keep your sprinklers off when it rains a certain number of inches or when the wind blows a certain number of mph. Our innovative technology works in the background, so you never have to think about setting your sprinklers again!


  • Irrigation Packages
  • Irrigation Turn On
  • Irrigation Inspection
  • Irrigation Repair
  • Drip Irrigation repairMidseason Inspection
  • Winterization
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • System Upgrade
  • Controller Upgrade

Call in the Irrigation Army by reaching Heroes Lawn of South Austin, TX at (512) 877-3633 today. Request an estimate!

Feedback from The Field

Irrigation Packages

Our Irrigation Packages Include:

  • Irrigation and water supply turn-on and 35-point inspection
  • Efficiency inspection
  • Midseason checks
  • Winterization of irrigation systems

Irrigation Repair / Inspection

Our services include identifying uncalibrated and faulty parts within a Austin Texas customer’s system that need repair. Some issues may include leaky rotor heads, line leaks underground, faulty valves, and controller issues.

Irrigation upgrades

Our goal is for all irrigation systems to be as efficient as possible. By performing efficiency tests on a client’s Austin Texas house and landscape, we assess the current system to suggest what property upgrades will help our customers save money, preserve water, and improve the environment. Upgrades could include Rachio (Smart Sensor Controller), pressure-regulated sprays, valve sensors, and rain sensors.

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