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The Care Your Lawn Deserves

Heroes Fertilizer Force Serving Houston Texas

Here at Heroes Lawn Care of Houston Texas, we like to think of ourselves as turf superheroes. Its our mission to protect our customers turf from harsh weather conditions and pesky weeds that threaten its health. And we don't take our responsibilities lightly- we have a foolproof team of licensed lawn fertilizer applicators who are dedicated to exceptional customer service by ensuring your turf gets the best possible care.

Heroes Lawn Fertilization & Lawn Maintainer Program

Our 6-step lawn care program is tailored specifically to the turf and weather conditions in the Houston Texas area and includes timely applications of essential macronutrients and micronutrients to keep your turf looking healthy and hearty. Our licensed lawn fertilizer service technicians use the best methods to apply fertilizer applications while protecting your property, family, pets, and the environment.

We also offer treatments for weed control, so you can rest assured that your entire lawn will be safe from broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and other unwanted grasses all season long. So, if you re looking for a lawn care expert superhero to help protect your green lawn with proper lawn fertilization, look no further than your Houston Texas based Heroes Lawn Care team!

Heroes Fertilizer Force Programs

We offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages that are customized to the needs of your lawn.

Our Heroes Fertilizer Force packages are unique to your lawn dependent on your grass and soil and can include applications of fertilization, weed control, insect and fungus control, and specialized treatment to deliver key nutrients to your lawn and improve its overall health and appeal.

Contact us today to find out more about our Fertilizer Force Packages and allow us to create a custom plan for your lawn.

Feedback from The Field

Aeration & Overseeding

Improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn to rejuvenate and strengthen your turf is our goal. Watch as the turf density is increased — the best defense against weed growth and insect damage.

Aeration is vital when it comes to caring for your lawn. Provided in the spring or fall, the soil is aerated to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to infiltrate into the root system. Aeration also reduces soil compaction, enhances thatch breakdown, and improves water infiltration. This process makes a lawn less susceptible to damage from weeds, drought, and disease.

Personalized Agronomic Lawn Fertilizer Assessment

Homeowners, let our Houston Texas based expert lawn fertilization technicians conduct a soil test to drill down on the exact type of fertilizer your lawn needs and create a fertilization program for YOUR yard, to keep it healthy and green all growing season long!


If you have ever stepped on a garden hose, you know that soil compaction is no laughing matter. The same principle applies to your lawn. When the soil is compacted, it prevents roots from growing deep and results in a shallower root system. This can lead to a number of problems, including poor drainage, reduced nutrient uptake, and decreased tolerance to heat and drought. Your lawn can benefit from soil aeration at the correct time and that helps to relieve soil compaction and allow your grass to grow deeper roots. By making small holes in the soil, aeration allows air and water to reach the roots more easily, resulting in a healthier lawn. So dont wait for your lawn to suffer from compaction – aerate today!

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